YAPC::NA 2012

Get an overview of what Mojolicious has to offer, and what makes it unique in the Perl community. Learn how to quickly make and deploy a web app (even if you have no web development experience) and know what resources are available to you going forward.

Best served with beginners, intermediates looking for direction, and those curious to see what this whole mojo thing is all about.

  • What

    Intro to Mojolicious

    This presentation was given at YAPC::NA 2012, a Perl conference in Madison, Wisconsin. There were cookies. You probably missed it. But there is a video. And slides. Right over there. →

  • Resources

    • Deploy to Heroku

      Deploy Mojolicious apps to Heroku in one step

    • Parallel Tests

      Use Test::Harness option to enable all tests to run with 15s Mojolicious install, or skip tests to install in 4 seconds:
      curl -L get.mojolicio.us | sh

    • Mojocasts

      High production value screencasts about Mojolicious

    • Mojolicious Guides

      Official Mojolicious documentation and tutorials

    • MojoExample

      Lite and Full app example with database usage and test suite.

    • Mailing List

      Google groups web-accessible mailing list

    • IRC

      #mojo on irc.perl.org | Lightweight #mojo web client